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TopDiag P50

Product introduction:

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  • The multi-function car tester makes up for the various shortcomings of the existing car maintenance tester. It integrates functions such as voltage measurement, bulb load measurement, bulb load voltage measurement, electrical load test, power polarity display, etc., with novel design and workmanship Exquisite, easy to use, practical and durable.

    1. Voltage measurement function: The voltage measurement function is used in the same way as the voltage measurement of a multimeter.
    2. Bulb load measurement: Use a 5W car bulb as a load. Through the brightness of the bulb, you can quickly determine the power supply failure of the line. Compared with the diode tester, it can show hidden faults such as poor circuit contact and excessive resistance.
    3. Voltage measurement with bulb load: By measuring the brightness of the bulb of the electric pen and cooperating with the voltmeter function of the electric pen, more accurate voltage measurement can be achieved, thereby improving the ability of fault diagnosis.
    4. For the load plug, you can use the probe that is directly connected to the clip, combined with the probe of the electric test pen, to directly perform load simulation measurement, which is convenient for fault diagnosis.
    5. Voltage polarity display function: quickly distinguish the positive and negative poles of the power supply through the red and blue light-emitting diodes.

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