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   Small victories depend on wisdom, big victories are in virtue, only with virtue as the first, there is a real victory. Virtue is also the root, the wealth is also the end, the outside of the root within the end, the fight for the people to seize is the reason why the wealth gathered is the people scattered, the wealth scattered is the people gathered. That is why the words are contrary to the outgoing also contrary, and the incoming; goods contrary to the incoming, also contrary to the outgoing.

    Relying on the branch rooted in the market front, with the company's marketing department adjustment, Shenzhen and the local implementation of "unification, standardization, specialization" mode, to achieve "Shenzhen manufacturing, local sales, local service", to create "Herno core customer system", to achieve Shenzhen and the local common "comprehensive surplus sales", so as to achieve the company's soft goal of the first phase of "the most valuable enterprise" to lay the initial foundation.

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